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To Your Taste

Hari Om
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

The following is from the Bhagavad Gita; chapter 17; shlokas 7-10. Essentially, the whole of the Gita is about making choice for the better and points out in key places what choices may be considered poor. In this case, it is specific to diet.

The food that people enjoy as well as the methods of sacrifice, austerity and charity are also of three types. Listen now about the distinctions between them.
Food that increase ones life, energy, strength, health, happiness and satisfaction, that is succulent, fatty, wholesome and appealing is dear to those in the mode of goodness. [sattvika]
Food that is too bitter, too sour, too salty, too hot, too pungent, too dry and creates a burning sensation within, causes pain, sorrow and disease. Such food is dear to those in the mode of passion. [rajaasika]
Food that is stale, tasteless, foul-smelling, rotten, left by others and unfit for sacrifice is dear to those in the mode of ignorance. [tamaasika]

It is ancient and still as common sense as modern dietary advice!

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