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Freeday's a bit random this month...

Technically, YAM is still roaming the globe, but these Friday posts at least she wanted to place, experimenting with one of those wee techno-gadgies. A major chellenga for older fingers and although attempts are being made to edit along the way, you will almost certainly have some interesting typos to entertain you!

The month of January was spent in India, at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya. First return to the gurukula since graduation for this aachaarya. Much was familiar, much was changed.

The only guarantee of life is change! Whether or not one liked or appreciated the change is irrelavant. It simply must be absorbed. This is an example of titiksha, the practice of forbearance and tolerance. Indeed, the camp discourse being attended was very much, in the end, about putting Vedanta into practice. Our Guruji and Parama Mukhya Swamiji led us beautifully the highest tjinking of both jnaana and bhakti, bringing sweetly to the core issue of - begin, begin now, and begin with yourself!

More on the subject next Freeday - provided all titiksha if your aachaarya has not exhausted with the this tiny screen tyoing :-)

At His Feet xx

screenshot from live broadcast of CM leadership handover

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