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Hail Mary

Hari OM
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Feast of the Annunciation of Mary.
In Luke 1:26–39, Gabriel arrives at the home of a young Jewish girl named Mary, a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph, to tell her that she would become pregnant by means of the Holy Spirit. When the baby was born, she was to call Him Jesus, a name that means “The Lord Is Salvation.” The angel also tells Mary that the baby she would bear would rule an everlasting kingdom and be called “the Son of the Highest.”

This festival of Gabriel's announcement to Mary is celebrated by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. The date of 25th March was settled upon in the seventh century to tie in with the slightly older (yet still 'created') festival of Christmas. There had to be nine months, for decorum's sake!

Irrespective of one's view of 'virgin birth', or the implication against women's rights, it is important to acknowledge that there was a point at which a great prophet and leader of men was conceived and that the mother of such a great one ought to be celebrated also.

One of the ironies is that the presentation of this event is not dissimilar from many such in Sanskrit literature. There are several tales of kings or other great personages who are desperate to have offspring, and in their fervent prayers to the Higher for assistance in this  matter, the children appear in one manner or other which is far from the normal biological process. What is more, each of those children would go on to great spiritual acclaim of their own. What marked out the parents was their devotion and dedication to their faith. They would purify themselves and seek to follow all instruction of their priests and elders.

Mary is the epitome of purity, from the Christian point of view. She trusted her elders in her arranged marriage and she trusted the one who appeared before her as the angel Gabriel.

Trust is important; only when we trust fully can we Love fully. Mary is a symbol of both these virtues and, if for no other reason, is worthy of reverence.

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