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First Statement

Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

Last week the Chatur Mahaa-vaakyas were mentioned; four advanced sutras provided as focus for meditation. Let us now take them one by one. Not in huge depth - that is for more advanced stages. The purpose of putting these here now is like the carrot to the donkey! When we have these snippets in the back of our head as we seek to further our contemplations, as we build our knowledge we will find they will more and more come to the fore and demand to be pondered deeply and with purpose. No one is, at this stage, expected to grasp the fullness - the enormity - of the statements and how they apply to the little self as it seeks the Big Self: just know that there is a place to go from here and make a decision to set off for it!

प्रज्ञानं ब्रह्म / prajnaanam brahma;
Consciousness Alone IS.

Through logic and experimentation of all their theories of the material world and the human critter, the Rsis determined, finally, that there is one unifying force/energy/presence upon which all that we perceive is at play... just as we, at our base, animal level, have a concept that "I am", so there is a single and stable "I AM" which is aware of All. It is of the nature of consciousness, subjective in nature and thus will ever elude all attempts to seek it materially.

© Yamini Ali MacLean
Everything which manifests as 'existence' is but a reflection of that Universal Consciousness principle. IT is the background energy, the substratum, upon which all this sits and acts, and is the power behind all the process of change.

Consciousness (Brahma) ever was, ever is and ever shall be.

At some point Consciousness became Self Aware and Existence (materially) manifested. The sound which arose at that point was OM. It is the background music of the universe.

The keen and prepared student, having completed significant levels of self-improvement, dropping of ego-effects such as desire, greed, anger and so forth, having also asked all questions and done much to clear doubts, is likely at some point to be instructed by their Guru to go away for some time and sit in contemplation of only this statement. The adhikaari must maintain focus and churn all the philosophical arguments for and against within his or herself, based upon the knowledge thus fur gained. It may be that the truth of the statement eludes them and they understand that further knowledge must yet be obtained, therefore they return in supplication to the Guru and continue with their study efforts to gain the clarity required.

However, it is possible to reach the stage of purity and clarity wherein the truth becomes one's very own knowledge and there remains no doubt whatsoever. At this point, one is ready for the next level of contemplation.


Ponder the art of pondering! To attain a level of clarity which has no doubt about the statement requires a strong intellect and deep bhakti. Ponder your readiness.

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