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Dwell Not

Hari OM
Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

We are following the text "Beyond Sorrow" in which we explore the nature of suffering and how to manage and move through difficulties.

Sri Gyanamata

Now to the third contributor to the publication. This female saint was a devotee of Sri Paramahansa Yogananada-ji. Physical pain provides a formidable test for anyone trying to Realise his or her True Nature, because the body demanding attention makes it very difficult to transcend material consciousness. What marks out the great sages and saints of history and even current times, is their ability to do exactly that and to give encouragement to more timid souls to do the same. Sri Gyanamata was tested with great physical suffering and emerged victorious. Through her trials - physical, mental and spiritual - Gyanamata developed 'titiksha', perseverance, endurance and non-defeatist attitude, which she said strengthened her character as nothing else could have.

Gyanamata, an American woman who dedicated herself to the yogic path in 1924 in Seattle, is widely known for her letters (See 'God Alone' for the full collection), in which she showed others how to cultivate the same positive spirit and healthy perspective.

In the book we are following here, some seven letters are reproduced; as a taster, one only is now given.

Dear __________,
There is more that may be said about the bodily trouble you are undergoing. Illness has many causes - physical, mental and metaphysical; but it is always a test. Bear it bravely or conquer it. The Master said that suffering can be a pathway to greatness. Not long ago Paramahansaji remarked; 'the dream will break and you will be free!' and he said it with a smile. Do not make the mistake of holding on to your condition by mourning over it. Stress the points in which you have gained. Remember that part of the cure lies in forgetting the illness. We have to affirm health when we do not feel it. This helps us to experience the Truth.

You know that the state the devotee most desires is to feel consciously at all times the presence of God. To aid in bringing about this blessed consummation, we must affirm that it is so (even if we do not feel it) and must magnify and give thanks for each mark of his presence or favour.

I always believe that if I will try just a little harder, I can bring about the conditions that seem just out of my reach. Remember that no one, not even a master, can do everything for you. You have to do much yourself. So, if you want to be well, start now and affirm health with all your heart. Count your gains and blessings; skip the rest. The law of attraction will do all that is needful.

A poor sister, but a loving one,

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