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Think On

Hari Om
'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

As the past two or three weeks have gone along, we have had a shift in the reading matter and subject focus on Aumdays, Workingsdays, Storydays, and now it will come to Textdays. Page by page the recorded knowledge is passed along.

Is the meaning reaching, though? Is the essence and full impact of each concept and definition making itself 'known'? Is there a sense of burgeoning within each reader's heart and mind at least, if not their spirit? You, the student (for that you are, with your constant return to read here) must surely be formulating your own ideas and starting to apply just a little of the philosophy to your own life.

We are quickly approaching a time where some form of commitment will have to take place if the learning is to continue… the texts themselves have pointed to this, now the teacher states it. Commitment is a word so many attempt to avoid. In a rapidly changing world, the idea of sticking to one thing and seeing it through to its fulfilment fills many people with dread; "what if there is something better?.. What if that means being responsible?.. What if I'm being hoodwinked?.. What if I don't have what it takes?.. what if…"

  • There can be nothing better than that which we build for ourselves; Vedanta is a philosophy which permits the student to build their spiritual understanding and expand their religious experience - regardless of their doctrinal background, or even a total lack of it.
  • Taking responsibility for oneself is the ultimate growing up, and is that not a fine thing?
  • Vedanta is structured such that it demands of the student they think for themselves, at no time does it mask itself as anything other than freedom of the intellect; that it demands self-discipline to make it blossom in life remains always the decision of the student; results are only ever as much as the commitment made
  • That commitment can  only be as much as each is capable of at any given moment. To take up Vedantic philosophy as a serious study and practice, each and every day brings a small success or an understanding of the challenge. It is, ultimately, the best self-development tool there is, so that even if one begins with the doubt of one's stamina, the stamina will arrive with the very application of the practices.  Again, as much as one puts in, the more one builds, so that much and more will be the return.

Worry not about the what ifs of life. Rather, be inquisitive, be enquiring; take the plunge!

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