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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

We are reading "Tips for Happy Living - jIvnsUÇai[ /jiivanasuutraani", by Swami Tejomayananda (Guru-ji). Choose-days writings are here to prompt deeper thinking on the choices made on a daily basis and seek to provide prompts for raising the standard of one's thinking and living. This text composed in format of Sanskrit traditional teachings, speaks directly to this purpose. As ever, the full text may be obtained from CM Publications - or your local centre (see sidebar).

What creates 'forever' relationships?

kSyicdip s<bNxSyaxarae yid laEikkStihR s bNxnkark AaXyaiTmkStu mui´daykae _avit.5.
Kasyachidapi sambandhasya-adhaaro yadi laukikas-tarhi sa bandhana-kaaraka aadhyaatmikastu mukti-daayako bhavati ||5||
If the basis for any relationship is worldly, then it is binding; but if it is spiritual, then it is liberating.

A worldly relationship, be it with objects or beings, is based on material benefit. The girl asked the boy, 'do you love me because my father is going to give me a lot of money?'

'Certainly not!', said the boy, 'I will love you even if your mother gives it!'

The relationship breaks when the benefit ceases. When the relationship is spiritual, it is strong and lasting. God appeared before His great devotee, Prahlad, and killed his father who was torturing him. Lord told Prahlad to ask for a boon. Prahlad said, 'O Lord! Beholding You is the greatest attainment. I Love You for Your own sake. I do not desire anything from you.' When the Lord insisted, he said, 'may I have no worldly desire, ever.'

When my intentions are noble, I do not ask, 'what did I get by serving society?' Instead I ask 'did society benefit from my service?' Some form a worldly relationship even with God, Gurus and spiritual organisations. There is no inner unfoldment and such relationships, too, cause pain and can break. A man lost faith when his desire for promotion was not fulfilled. Another disowned the Guru who he felt did not respect him enough. Some become members of spiritual organisations for gaining respect in society, post of president, or to get free accommodation in their centres all over the world; they feel pained when they do not get the expected respect, or position, or benefits.

When we forge a spiritual relationship with worldly objects, they become means of inner unfoldment and liberation. Money by itself is not binding. It can become a means to serve society. The house can be used for honouring great people, hosting guests and holding satsangs.

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