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An item from Param Pujya Swami Tejomayanada today, tying in with the theme of choice, free will… and consequences. (NB, the formatting is as Guru-ji made it and this has been left as is.)


For a person suffering from a disease, there are doctors who recognise the problem and advise a cure. The prescription to be followed may include:

  •  Medicines

  •  Dietary restrictions

  •  Other disciplines

The patient’s duty is to implicitly follow the doctor’s instructions. But often our own likes and dislikes come in the way. We may be advised to give up smoking or eating sweets. But the mind protests loudly… “What is the use of living if I have to give up everything?” RESULT…. the patient does not get well…In fact the disease only worsens. JUST AS there is a science of bodily health… There is a science of spiritual health. As with the body… So ALSO spiritual instructions must be …learnt and also practiced. If we DISCARD or THROW AWAY …the injunctions and scriptural advice… to go with the whims and fancies of the mind …we cannot hope to reach PERFECTION.

ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE…for such a person… …there can be no joy in this world… Never mind SUPREME HAPPINESS! The MORE a person indulges in pleasures …the MORE are the desires that arise. IMMERSED in our own erroneous notions… We question…why are there so many injunctions in the Scriptures… …So MANY do’s and don’ts?

The spiritual teacher….like the doctor advises… The CHOICE is yours… …to follow or NOT TO FOLLOW!

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