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It Is Within

Hari OM
Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

We are following the text "Beyond Sorrow" in which we explore the nature of suffering and how to manage and move through difficulties. Now for the final words, provided by HH Pujya Paramagurudev Swami Tapovan Saraswati Maharaj - the Sat Guru of Sw. Chinmayananda. (Again, this essay has been summarised for presentation here and you encouraged to purchase your own copy of the publication if you can.)

Of all the objects of veneration, the Self is the most venerable. It is of the nature of Sat (Existence), Chit (Consciousness) and Aananda (Bliss). It is sought by everybody. It shines by itself, like the sun, in every heart and at all times; why rush here and there looking for this light? If there is a hive of honey in the corner of the room why fly all over the world in search of sweetness? The Self itself is the world. Realising this, how can one say one is ever away in a foreign land? One can only ever be present, here, now, in this place. Whether the body is engaged in action or whether it sits rock-still in meditation, it is all the same for the Realised one, who finds everlasting joy in the Self. Within.

In that Ultimate Truth there is no room for plurality. It is an enormity beyond capability of most to comprehend, therefore is designated as an object with such appellations as "God", "Ishvara" and such like. That One Self, being conditioned into various bodies as a jiiva (individualised segment), falls into the delusion of "I", the ego-self. When did this mighty illusion that "I am the limited body" originate? A question impossible to answer...if the Self, which is beyond space and time, originated at any time, be sure the great illusion had its origin at that very same moment. If with the help of the scriptures or logic we realise that this soul has no beginning, how can we conceive of a beginning of illusion?

The way to destroy this illusion is sought after by the wise. On its destruction, jiivaatmaa becomes one with Aatman, Brahman… That One. The very universe, all its elements and the things composed of them, are in a constant state of change. How can they be permanent and real? Billions of billions of universes with their movables and immovables once existed; if they were all real, where have they gone now?

Let the universe be what it is, what is the use of investigating its nature? On the contrary, we ought to think of that Supreme Self - Man should give up other thoughts and concentrate upon the meditation of Brahman. Everything unreal and dependent is of the nature of sorrow. For the unwise, untruth appears as truth. True Bliss is Real and Eternal and not inert. The one who desires happiness ought to seek solace and comfort in the Supreme Self. As worldly existence is of the nature of sorrow, everyone in the world should try their utmost to escape it. Spiritual life is the sole remedy.

This does not mean that sorrow ought not to be faced. Simply by refusing to engage oneself in worldly activity, one cannot get rid of sorrow. What would be the state of the world if everyone became a renunciate of action? We have to achieve happiness and peace not by running away, but by remaining fixed in the thought of the Supreme and facing the sorrows. It is everyone's duty to do their most to make this sorrowful world a place of joy and happiness.

Give up the delusion this body is the Self. This body is only inert matter like stone and earth. It cannot function by itself; it is worked by an independent spirit of the nature of Consciousness. Remember this always.

It is the vision of God that brings all worldly sorrow to its end. Work towards knowing "God". Sooner or later all creatures will reach that goal. It may take ages and ages, but it is bound to happen. Even as all water ultimately reaches the ocean, the jiivaatmaa must reach the Aatman. It is the final resting place.

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