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    Hari Om
    'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

    Yesterday, we read a paragraph of Gurudev's words on 'ahimsaa', non-violence. The key points;
    • It begins at thought level
    • The intellect must engage to monitor the thoughts
    • Physical harm is inevitable at certain levels, but it comes down to intention… ie, thought…

    The minute we have a thought which might be considered as 'uncharitable', a jealousy, a hatred, an anger, we need to have trained our intellect well enough to chip in and say "whoa, hold back there!" Whilst the harm has not extended to action - yet - it is still doing harm; mostly to our own selves and specifically, our vaasana debt. What is more, it is still sending out 'harm' to the object of focus which engendered the thought. We have a choice - continue with the folly of harm, be it in thought, word or deed, or exercise self-discipline and knock the thought down, send it away and offer up an apology.

    All of this happens within us, in a matter of seconds, nano-seconds even.

    Eradicate such thoughts, no matter how frequent, or how 'righteous' you feel they are. The more you do so, the easier and more natural it becomes. Eventually it is possible to be free of such thinking. Love and Love alone is what will arise, even where anger or hurt may justly have been before. There is no profit in attack, even if that attack is intended as defence.

    This does not mean that one cannot be firm and stand ground where necessary. However, relationships of any sort, regardless of what maths says, are not made positive by two negativities. Make your thoughts and intentions always of Love. Peace will follow. Not always immediately, where another is part of the interaction, but follow it will. What is more, you have not compromised one of the great values of living, you have not compromised yourself, and you have not compromised your connection with The Higher.

    This is ahimsaa.

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