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Hari Om
'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

It might be observed that posts this week have had the theme of 'values', worthiness, decision-making. At an earlier date the concept of shreyas and preyas has been explored. The paths of 'proper' and 'improper'… or, it might be said, that which requires of us that we have some moral fibre, whilst the other, not necessarily 'wrong', is requiring little of us in terms of assessment, application of values.

Shreyas - the path of good - requires of us an understanding of consequences of our thoughts and actions and keeps in mind the greater good and high goal. To be the very best human being that we can be. Having strong value-based living can be a stabiliser - an anchor - in stormy times.

Preyas - is what most of us live to some degree. It is the path of least resistance. It is the call of the world and our desire to answer that call, regardless of whether or not the long-term results are good. They may be, even in preyas, but they will certainly be tinged with a 'what is in it for me' aspect, which can leave us open to being tricked and tossed about by life.

Shreyas is self-less. Preyas is just less… and we are all guilty of it on a daily basis. If we are truly on the spiritual path with a goal of Realising God, then even the decision to boil the kettle for tea can add to our debt if we do not do so with consciousness. To put only the amount of water required for the purpose in mind, to not waste any that is left over… to not take it for granted… to make sure that we are 'present' in every action is the point here. To know that water is a gift, the power to boil it a privilege and to not abuse them by excess or overuse would be shreyas. To fill unthinkingly, to forget it was boiled and then to reboil using more power than is necessary, is preyas.

This may seem a silly example. However, think more - it is but one task in every day that we do at least once. Consider that, in shreyas mode, every task requires this sort of attention. Thus it can be seen why preyas affects us all. We give up. Shreyas seems like hard work.

It is, however, like anything in life. The more one practices, the easier it becomes and the more proficient we are in its application. When we tip the balance of majority shreyas over preyas decisions and actions, when we feel the satisfaction and see the positive results of shreyas, we gather even more hope and impetus.

Watch yourself this weekend; take note of how, from minute to minute, your thoughts and actions reflect self-lessness… or not…


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