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Hari Om
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

We are reading "Tips for Happy Living - jIvnsUÇai[ /jiivanasuutraani", by Swami Tejomayananda (Guru-ji). Choose-days writings are here to prompt deeper thinking on the choices made on a daily basis and seek to provide prompts for raising the standard of one's thinking and living. This text composed in format of Sanskrit traditional teachings, speaks directly to this purpose. As ever, the full text may be obtained from CM Publications - or your local centre (see sidebar).

How should we value Values and Valuables?

mULyvTpdawRe_yae jIvnmULyain ïe:Qtrai[.3.
tE> sMpÚ> pué; @v sMmannIyae n tu kevlae xnsMpÚ>.4.
Muulyavat-padaarthebhyo jiivana-muulyaani shreshtataraani ||3||
taiH sampannaH purusha eve sammaananiiyo na tu kevalo dhana-sampannaH ||4||
The values of life are greater than valuable goods.
A person endowed with them, alone, is worthy of respect and not merely one with riches.

Do you wish to become a person of values, or of valuables? Merely an efficient and rich professional, or also a good human being?

Valuables may be valuable, but values are invaluable!

How often do we find that the value of goods or service results in those offering the goods or service exploiting those who require them? A person may be applauded for what he has, but can only be respected for who he 'is'. It can be said that if money is lost, some 'thing' is lost; if time is lost, something 'precious' is lost; but when character is lost, 'everything' is lost. We respect those who are upright and honest and disrespect those who act selfishly or cruelly.

There are those who would say that to possess values, one cannot also possess valuables and that honesty does not pay. This is used as an excuse by some for behaving less than honestly in their business dealings. Mostly, this behaviour is hidden behind a mask of correctness and claims of being totally 'transparent' and straight. The lies are their own and in the long term it does not pay. A dishonest businessman will often employ an honest accountant and trusted 'second'; all the workers are only doing the job they are paid for. All appearances are of an honest business but the intentions of the owner are driven by pure greed and self-aggrandizement. A person with a billion dollars may still be worthless. Values are so much more valuable and it is these alone which build our 'worth' in life.

Acting with values in business, then, does not preclude having valuables also. The two are not mutually exclusive. The danger is that the desire for valuables overtakes the values. Be ever watchful!

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