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What Holds Sway

Hari Om
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

We are reading "Tips for Happy Living - jIvnsUÇai[ /jiivanasuutraani", by Swami Tejomayananda (Guru-ji). Choose-days writings are here to prompt deeper thinking on the choices made on a daily basis and seek to provide prompts for raising the standard of one's thinking and living. This text composed in format of Sanskrit traditional teachings, speaks directly to this purpose. As ever, the full text may be obtained from CM Publications - or your local centre (see sidebar).

As we move now into Chapter 6 of the text, Guru-ji takes up how it is that we are to understand our connection with items of possession. How do we prioritise our relationship with things and beings?


jfpdawRe_yíetnàai[n> ïe:Qtra>.1.
tsmaJjfpdawaRna< k&te àai[nae n ivnaziytVya>.2.
Jada-padaarthebhyash-chetana-praaninaH shreshthataraaH ||1||
Tasmaaj-jadapadaarthaanaam kRte praanino na vinaashayitavyaaH ||2||
Living beings are greater than inert objects.
Therefore, for the sake of the inert objects, living being should not be destroyed.

In the ladder of evolution, living beings are definitely superior to inert objects. Life is precious. A scientist told God, 'You have become obsolete; we can now create life by cloning.'  God retorted, 'Good! Try doing so with a dead cell!' Inert objects can be created and destroyed, but 'life' cannot be created - only destroyed.

Inert objects have their use and importance, but surely not more than life. It is indeed sad that wars are fought and families break up for the sake of wealth and property. Man is even willing to kill for the sake of money. 'Demons' are still about this earth - such people value dowry more than the bride.

Ponder on this for the next seven days; how much do you possess - do you call as 'mine'. How do you feel about those objects? You think it is nothing? Try putting them away from you for that seven days… be honest to yourself about your reactions to this withdrawal...

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