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Faith is Faith

Hari Om
'Freedays' are the 'gather our thoughts' days; Q&As; a general review of the week so far…

As Navraatri draws to a close tonight, we move into the tenth day, Dusshera, wherein the Goddess Durga defeats the evil-eyed one (ego).

At this time also, the Jewish festival week which began with Rosh Hashana draws to a close and the tenth day is celebrated as Yom Kippur. Tomorrw, just a little more about that will be here, with appropriate links.

It is interesting that so many faiths have festivals which coincide and, to some degree, relate to similar understandings of what it is to be the best human being that we can be. It all points to a commonality of community which is often lost in the trappings of traditions and culture. Sadly, all too often, the differences, contained in the practices of worship, are emphasised and the beauty of Unity is disguised and buried.

Have your faith; it is your right. Be careful, though, never to deny another their's. Those who stand on principals of doctrine and deny the wider community their right to worship as they choose are the very manifestation of the evil they seek to decry…

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