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Set Standards

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!
The text under study is BHAJA GOVINDAM, song of despair of time-wasting, by Sri Adi Shankaraachaarya.

The next verse follows on directly from the number 25;

kam< ³aex< lae_a< maeh<
TyKTva=Tman< pZyit sae=hm!
AaTm}an-ivhIna mUFa -
Ste pCyNte nrkingUFa>.26.
Kaamam krodham lobham moham
Tyaktvaa'tmaanam pashati so'ham,
Aatmaghnaana-vihiinaa muuDhaa -
Ste pachyante narakaniguuDhaaH ||26||
Leaving desire, anger, greed and delusion
The seeker sees in the Self "He am I";
They are fools who have no Self-Knowledge,
And they (end up) as captives in hell and tortured.

A fairly straightforward image is created here! An admonishment for those who do not apply themselves to spiritual pursuit and a statement of the reward for those who do.

Too easily we are lost in the passions and vicissitudes of daily life and lower ourselves too readily into its mire. It takes determination to remain on the path towards Truth. Desire is somehow hardwired into us, we feel, and give up too readily to it. If we can but once, and it only takes once, taste a little of the nectar of Divinity, we will find it so incredibly sweet that it will become the one over-riding desire and our striving for more of that is what will take us to the Union with Self. This the reference to 'He am I'. Ultimately it will become known to us that there is no separation of anything, that everything is one.

But how might one establish some tranquillity and equilibrium? The following stanza says;

Geay< gItanamshö<
Xyey< ïIpitêpmjöm!
ney< s¾ns¼e icÄ<
dey< dInjnay c ivÄm!.27.
Geyam giitanaamsahasram
Dhyeyam shriipati-ruupamajasram,
Neyam sajjanasange chittam
Deyam diinajanaaya cha vittam ||27||
The Bhagavad Gita and Sahasranama are to be chanted,
Always the form of the Lord of Lakshmi is to be meditated upon;
The mind is to be led towards the company of the good,
Wealth is to be distributed with the needy.

Basic steps which would be familiar within any religious context. Good social behaviours, with the addition of paying attention to the chosen scriptures and keeping the Higher always to the forefront of one's mind, regardless of whether you subscribe to that Higher having a form or not. If not, that is when OM comes into play.

The first part of the verse is clearly of religious quality and the second of philosophical quality and the two are very closely linked; to have one without the other is akin to a bird flying with one wing.

Study in and of itself cannot serve one's unfoldment as a complete human being; conversely, to live life without any adoption of the knowledge leaves one adrift. Many people do this though; avoid learning for many reasons ranging from never having the opportunity through to being scared of learning - or avoid applying good social mores for fear of being made a pauper themselves (greed) or of becoming obligated in some way. In another way, there are those who use the 'sharing' of charity as if it were some kind of tool to further their own personal standing.

The point of this verse is that we must attend to our study of the scriptures and personal connection with the Higher, but at the same time not forget our duties and abilities within the world, which should reflect our learning and be without ego or self-aggrandizement. At the core of this is Love. Unstinting, unselfish, untiring.

To further fuel this it is best to ensure that the company we keep has similar values and is supportive of this goal. 

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