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Here is a place to linger, to let your intellect roam. Aatmaavrajanam is being written as a progressive study and, as such, can be read like a book. Anyone arriving at any time can simply start at the very first post and work their way through at their own pace. Please take time to read the info tabs and ensure you don't miss a post, by subscribing to the blog. Interaction is welcomed. Don't be a spectator - be a participator!


Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

Today, settle yourselves and think deeply before responding;
  1. Have you read this blog from the beginning? If not why not?
  1. What does it mean to you to be reading here?
  1. Are you able to list three things learned here which you have taken into life and seen benefit from?
  1. Do you have doubts and/or questions?
  1. If the answer to #4 is 'yes', what is preventing you asking your question or voicing your doubt?

Look deep within yourself to understand your responses. Most of us have 'ready defences'; all good and well for going through every day life. However, this is the time to drop all pretence and hold up the spiritual mirror. Vedanta demands that we cleanse our core being of all its nitty-gritty shadows and barbs. It all means nothing unless you are applying it rigorously.

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Hari OM
If what you have read has made you think, tell me why. If you are wondering, others are too, so ask that question. If you have a doubt, let it out.

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