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Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

Guru-ji has something to say about control of mind; meditation may be the main subject of this day's posts, but it can only come about when the mind is tamed and our senses are well-controlled.

Progress and success in life need a disciplined and obedient mind - a mastery gained by preparing the mind in stages.



The mind acts prompted by thoughts.
Thoughts are triggered by objects or emotions.
The strong, forceful mind then propels us to act, think, brood, or worry over these thoughts.

From outside, the mind is tempted by the senses chasing objects and people.
From inside, by desires and memories.

THUS embattled, the mind becomes agitated and distracted.

IF WE Succumb to the distraction, mind gains control.

IF WE Refuse to yield to the distraction, we stay in control.

This is SELF-RESTRAINT….dm>/damaH, in Sanskrit. The ability to not let the senses feed the mind with more perceptions. Senses chase sense objects. It is their nature. They do not discriminate between good and pleasant. They supply the mind with perceptions, causing joy and sorrow which agitates the mind, resulting in reduced concentration. However, even if the mind is agitated, it is possible to control the senses, speech, thoughts and action.

When angry, restrain from speaking harsh words.

Restraint is achieved through discipline and healthy habits. Control of the senses restrains the mind’s responses. If senses do not graze. The mind does not desire. No desire, no agitation. Hence better concentration and progress on the path.

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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