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Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

Blessed New Year to you all, dear readers. May 2018 bring a new level of contentment and integration to each of you, according to your efforts.

You have been given some words to contemplate upon - or not, as you saw fit. Now for some follow-up. If you chose to meditate upon the words, it is hoped that some solid impressions were left with which you can work further. If you chose to write about the word, your notes will act as a record and can be appended as you discover more. If you used any in the form of an affirmation, it might be worth assessing again how you did so and whether it might be tweaked. A few of you may have chosen to perform all three approaches to each word - or some of the words.

Whatever and however you did the exercises, it is hoped that you had your Vedantic hats on! The whole point of this was to look at the prompts with the eyes of a saadhaka. Let us today, then, review 'EYE'.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. It is an old adage but also very true. It is part of our hard-wired, animal instinct to read another's eyes. As advanced as we are, we still work very much at that body-language, flight-or-fight level. With this prompt, though, it was expected that you might ponder upon the action of the eye and what it means spiritually. You have learned about the sthuula shariira and how it is but an envelope for the subtler parts of our anatomy as well as the very subtle nature we like to refer to as 'me'. What part does the eye play in this scenario?

What does the 'seeing'? The telescope brings distant things into focus for us, but does it do the seeing? No more so the physical eye! The 'seeing' is done at the subtler level. The transmission of light into and through its various components is all that the physical eye does. The translation into images is performed by the brain. Think of a photographer of old, soaking the negatives in chemicals to reveal the captured scene. But this too is nothing, unless there is something even subtler to apprehend the image. Does a film running in an empty cinema serve any purpose? Does it even exist as a film? No. What makes it a film is the presence of somebody watching it.

Consider, also, those who have no function in their ocular mechanisms; they still can 'see' the world, albeit in a different form.

Meditate further, ponder deeper. Understand that all is not as it appears. What does the seeing?

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Hari OM
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