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Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

One of the saadhanas we can set ourselves for meditation is to gaze upon an image or symbol and set the mind to full concentration upon that and that alone. Firstly, to observe each and every detail, down to the dust which settles from the air, or the play of light upon a colour within it. Secondly, to find a point at which the mind is so concentrated it stops, albeit for the briefest moment, and we can receive information not sought.

In a meditation space or room, there ought to be no clutter and the image on the altar or wall in front of you is likely to be of a favoured saint/guru/deity or the OM symbol. However, for the purposes of this exercise, one might have, for example, a coffee-table book of photographs of nature, or a mandala or other abstract image. It is generally best not to be a personal image such as of one's family, as this will cause the mind to wander onto matters non-spiritual. The image used should definitely be without such distractions, even of animals in a field.

When doing this exercise, be always observant of the mind and keep it from travelling on the side paths of 'what ifs' and 'wonder whys'. Meditation is control of the mind. This is your task.

Please enjoy gazing into this image today.

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Hari OM
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