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Hari OM
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Another one of Guru-ji's wonderfully concise presentations.

The Art of Listening

PROVIDED WE LISTEN PROPERLY, listening (shravana) is a means of gaining knowledge – right knowledge that is free from all doubts and errors.

Most problems in relationships arise because we do not actually listen to the other. We prefer to talk rather than listen, and we continuously interrupt. The Bhagavad Gita teaches the art of listening. Sri Krishna urges Arjuna, “Listen to Me with all your love, with your mind totally focused on Me, ready to do whatever is required to gain this Knowledge. Then alone will you understand My teaching completely and correctly without any doubts.”

The essential requirements of a good listener are three:
  •  LOVE
  •  FOCUS

True listening becomes possible when we love something or someone, and there is an eagerness to know about them.

We lack a goal and the necessary focus on it. We love many things and beings but do not consider them as the primary and only purpose of life.

We also have to do whatever is required to gain the knowledge to be clear about our aims and goals in life.

IN CONCLUSION…it is important:
  •  to keep focused…
  •  have an open mind…
  •  listen attentively

– – Swami Tejomayananda

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