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Hari OM
'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

Remember, mind is nothing more than a chain of thoughts. An apparently endless chain, we are inclined to believe, for we have surrendered our power to those thoughts. It is part of the grand illusion and it can be shattered. What the Rsis of old succeeded in doing, and countless saints have proven over and over again, right up to current times, is that the mind can be tamed.

The Vedantic texts, particularly the Upanishads, all point to the need for a single-pointed focus upon the immutable, the unnameable, the unfathomable. To aid that focus we have the OM, the origin of sound and form.  A significant portion of the application of Vedantic is meditation; true meditation, being the cessation of thoughts. Being the body-bound critters that we are, though, being attached to our thoughts as we are, it is not something which is done by simply saying it. Practice is required. Study is required. It is the expanding knowledge of the subject of our desire which helps us to work towards attaining it. To still the mind we must fully understand the nature of mind. There are basics which we all share, but every individual has their own hurdles also.

The simple fact is that moksha has to be learned and earned. We use the mind to learn. Then we leave the mind behind.

Watch yourself closely each day now and see the number of times the mind strays from the task at hand, the conversation in play. Keep a little tab list for yourself. How often did you have to draw your focus back to the present?

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Hari OM
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