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Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

It takes work, this making changes lark. At no time here have you read that it is easy. (If you think you have, time to read again!) We are all a work in progress.

Here at AV-blog, you have come, lingered and, perhaps, taken the decision to begin some of those changes in your life as you seek to improve yourself and your circumstances.  If the first of those happens, the second will follow of its own accord. The critical component of the work, mentioned yesterday, is to assess oneself with clarity and honesty. It can be painful. How much so depends on the level of dark stuff and negativity which needs to be shifted as well as the level of our willingness to actually make the changes.

Thus, be clear, let not your talk of making change be that alone. Work on yourself to honestly feel the desire for change. Without that, all efforts are likely to be heavier going, hurdles will be higher, obstacles will rise.

Your saadhana this week is to assess your own motivation and desire to improve upon your current state of being. Don't, at this stage, think of how you are going to become the next great social mover and shaker, or the new sadhu of suburbia; even spiritual seekers can become egotistical! Instead, consider how you can ensure that tomorrow, and then the day after that and the following day again, you are going to lift your attitude to life. To meet its little pricks and jabs with humour and goodwill, and to read at least one page of a beautiful text, such as the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, or other worthy philosophical tomes. Until this simple routine is set, the toddler-steps of Vedantic life, there can be no longer walks, jogs or marathons into the higher realms of practice.

The master chef first had to develop knife skills and kitchen discipline even before taking in the deeper, more specialised knowledge of food, never mind taking it to its ultimate refinement.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to keep some kind of journal or self-measurement system as this alone can show you to yourself and what, if any movement, is made.


  1. Powerful. I agree with you regarding journals. My month of gratitude in November was wonderful for me. Posting it on my blog was powerful. It held me accountable to put real thought into it and have to post it.
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

    1. Hari OM
      Annie, this is a true thing, having the blog as a conscience! That is why the URL name is 'yamsadhana'; the teaching is all good and well, but in doing that it is imperative to keep oneself accountable to it also!!! This is the journal of the teacher. Progress is seen. The glitches are also. &*> Blessings. YAM xx


Hari OM
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