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Call Him

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

After the reader's mangala, we enter the text proper, and now we see the mangala charana offered by Kulashekhara himself.

Vande mukuNdmarivNddlayta]<
kuNdeNdz'!odzn< izzugaepve;m!,
v&Ndavnalymh< vsudevsUnum!.1.
Vande mukundam-aravinda-dalaayataaksham
Kundendu-shankha-dashanam shishugopa-vesham,
vRndaavanaalayam-aham vasudeva-suunum||1||
I salute Mukunda, whose eyes are like lotus petals, whose teeth are white like jasmine moon or the conch, who has taken the form of a cowherd boy, whose feet are worshipped by Indra and other goods, whose abode is Vrindaavan and who is the son of Vasudeva.

By referring to Shri Krishna as Mukunda, the king-guru acknowledges the Lord's ability to bestow liberation upon the devotee. The liberation of the spirit which brings the greatest joy. Just as we might expect that a doctor ought to look healthy, we can expect that the Lord of our choosing looks a picture of the joy we seek. When we look into the eyes of our doctor we wish to see there a level of hope, certainly compassion for our condition, and perhaps just a little humour.

Similarly, when we gaze upon the murti of our chosen avatar - and here it is Krishna-ji - we wish to see these things. We also know that they are subtle, for we are talking about spirit. When we see the happiness in Him (or Her), we know that it is not of the material kind and that is a joy which passeth our understanding. We also know we want a little bit of that!

One of the things which brings joy to mind is beauty. This is universal. Also, the adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder holds very true here. This is why the Hindu philosophy has such a plethora of deities. Everybody can find Someone they like to gaze upon with the single goal of reaching The Higher. In the case of our king-guru, Krishna as Mukunda is the most beauteous of avatars and he describes, in particular, the lotus-petal eyes and the conch-like teeth. When meditating upon the splendour of the Lord before us, it is not to get stuck at the physical beauty, but to know that it manifests thus due to the spiritual purity behind it. We know this… in a crowd of faces, the model with the chiseled looks may catch our eye, but our hearts will be pulled towards the person with the shining eyes and open smile. If we are of true heart ourselves, the external will matter not. It is the internal, the true spirit, which will call us and keep us focused. 

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