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Before Treading

Hari OM
'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

We now explore the Sri Adi Shankara text, "SadaachaaraH". To obtain your own copy, click here.

In looking at morning saadhana, there may be some who will wonder at the time taken; it is to be remembered that if one is committing to a spiritual path, time is relative to that commitment. You get out of it something proportionate to what you put in. This is not about the quantity, either, but also the quality. Reciting the words by rote whilst putting the kettle on and making the toast is not going to yield the same spiritual leverage as rising half an hour earlier and sitting before your dedicated corner for meditation and worship… or at least keeping a truly dedicated focus on the words and their meaning.

The two mantras presented thus far are to be recited on waking and on sitting up in bed. The third mantra of the morning is to be said as one puts one's feet on the floor and leaves the bed. It is called the pRthvii sparshanam - touching the earth - which is what to do as the feet hit the floor. Lean over and touch the floor with your right hand and then bring your hand to your heart.

smuÔvsne devI pvRtStnm{xle
iv:[upÆI nmStu_y< padSpzR< ]mSv me.
Samudra-vasane devii parvata-stanamandale
Vishnu-patnii namastubhyam paada-sparsham kshamasva me ||
I prostrate to you Mother Earth, bedecked by the mountains and oceans,
the wife of Lord Vishnu. Do forgive me treading upon you.

Earth, water, and air are acknowledged here in the first line, the ether is represented in the Lord's name and the metal is represented in the harm which can be caused by our stomping about. The five elements of existence. It is considered disrespectful to touch anything which is sacred with the feet - and the whole of our planet is to be considered sacred, thus we must seek forgiveness and be grateful for the fortitude of the planet that it keeps on giving and supporting us. The theory is that we cannot exploit that which we worship. This theory only proves true if we worship with every cell of our being.

Do not merely recite the words, feel their letters, their conformation, their essence. Walk your talk.

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