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Drop Down to Rise Above

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

In having invoked the Lord then praised Him, we now must make ourselves available to Him in order to receive his grace and compassion.

mukuNd mU×aR ài[pTy yace _avNtmekaNtimyNtmwRm!,
AicSm&itSTvCcr[arivNde _ave _ave me=Stu _avTàsadat!.4.
Mukunda muurdhnaa pranipatya yaache bhavantam-ekaantam-iyantam-artham,
avismRtis-tvach-charanaaravinde bhave bhave me'stu bhavat-prasaadaat ||4||
O Mukunda! With my head bowing down (at your feet), I beg You solely for this purpose,
"By your grace in life after life, may I never forget Your Lotus Feet!".

The lotus is a powerful symbol of purity in Sanskrit culture - indeed, in the wider Eastern culture. The lotus grows in the densest mud and swamps, but despite the muck around, the impure water, it rises above and stands beautifully, in spite of and even because of that very muck. What is more, the leaves are broad and balanced and any water which gets caught on them just rolls away, leaving the leaves still pristine.

Vedanta teaches us that the Lord is untouched by the swamp which we call 'world'… and that we can learn also be untouched by it, to grow strong and beautiful in spite and even because of it.

This prayer acknowledges this connection with the swamp flower and how it connects us to the Higher, as long as we remember It/Him. We take so much for granted, right down to our very breathing. We also forget what brought this life to us - and all other existences. Each time we remember That, which we call Bhagavan, we are forgiven… then again we forget!

Remember at all times;
Every breath taken is by the Grace of…
Every step taken is by the Grace of…
Every night of sleep is by the Grace of…
Every day waking up is by the Grace of…
Everything digested is by the Grace of…

Be not forgetful of That which sustains this.

This is bhakti.

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