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Hari OM
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As the EU has regulated, every web page in etherville is having to update privacy policies from today. Until now, Blogger blogs have not had to have any separate page for this, but Google, of course, cannot necessarily advocate for every blog online, as many use tools and commercialise outwith the Google platform.

Here at AV-bloggy, that is not the case, but nevertheless, a policy page has been added and you are requested to read it. This is necessary due to having the contact form, by nature of comments and if you use the followers or email choices to keep up with posts here.

Also, there are several readers who, it appears, enter this blog via the G+ posting alerts; please be aware that auto-posting is no longer working, so to ensure timely reading, you would be best advised to opt for using the followers button, or the sign up for the email alerts. As you are already reaching here via Google, this will not change anything in terms of your data collection.

A mundane post, but a necessary one. Have a pleasant weekend!

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