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Hari OM
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality.

The BMI chart. Having seen the OET then the BMI, let us now delve a little more into the experiencing layer, the PFT.

PERCEIVER; As the body meets the world of objects (remember, this includes persons and situations, not just 'things') there is necessarily a connection. The external intersects with the internal via the senses (indriyas). As the stimuli enter, they are picked up by the mind and processed into packages called thoughts. The mind initially sifts the input and assigns an action somewhere in the body as a response to what is perceived. This takes the form of feeling.

FEELER; the ego, that original essence of "I"ness within us, is here to gain experience. Contact with the external world of objects ensures that and in doing so, permits the ego to express. As a general rule, we think of 'feelings' as being highly emotive and demonstrative, but any reaction we have to experience is, in this context, a feeling. Thus when we hold a knife to cut fruit, there will be a feeling attached to it, albeit very subtle. It could be the anticipation of tasting that fruit; it could be the projection of other feelings from a prior experience, such as anger or joy, which affects how we use the knife. We rarely consider what it is we are feeling when we brush our hair or clean our teeth. It is easier to appreciate that we are 'feeler' beings when we are faced with some of the more dramatic things in life; an exciting piece of music, a striking piece of theatre, a dreadful piece of news. All of us, at some level, will take the experience of each day and filter them through the thinking process.

THINKER; the human critter just can't stop thinking! Experiencing the world ensure that there is plenty of grist for this mill. Thoughts exist to prompt action, based on past experience, the intellect is there to ensure the thinking has some order to it. The thinker can become confused, though, if the feeler part of the being is too loud, too dominant.


Knowing a little more about BMI, OET and the PFT between them, increase your self-observation to see if you can define the different components within yourself. Notice, for example, when feeling dominates rational thought (intellect), or there is second-guessing (mind). Have fun exploring all these aspects.

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