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Own Up

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

Further to the point of looking to the Higher to become our 'boat' across samsaara, in which we have sunk with our tendency to likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions, we are learning that devotion (bhakti) is a useful tool. Devotion does not make too many demands of us intellectually. It permits us the outlet of physical expression of Love for the Higher in whatever form we perceive it - in the case of the text we are reading, the form is that of Shri Krishna. We are learning that to surrender to the altar of the Lord helps us to alter our mindset. That by worshipping, our worries get shipped! How might we make an appeal to the Lord?

t&:[ataeye mdnpvnaeÏUtmaehaeimRmale
daravteR tnyshj¢ahs'!"akule c,
s<saraOye mhit jlxaE mJjta< niôxamn!
padaM_aaeje vrd _avtae _ai´nav< àyCD.14.
tRshnaatoye madana-pavan-oddhuuta-mohor-mimaale
Daaraavarte tanaya-sahaja-graaha-sanghaakule cha,
Samsaaraakhye mahati jaladhau majjataam nastridhaaman
Paadaambhoje varada bhavto bhaktinaavam prayachccha ||14||
O Lord of the three worlds, we are sinking in the mighty ocean of worldly existence that has its water as insatiable desire, rising chain of waves of delusion triggered by the wind of pride and has the whirlpool of attachment to wife, and sharks in the form of sons and brothers and relatives. O bestower of boons - please give us the boat of devotion to your lotus feet!

Jnaana is the path of knowledge and requires 'vichaara' - intense study. Bhakti is about 'sharanagaati' - surrender. Neither is particularly easy. Jnaana requires brushing up our intellect, strengthening our characters. It runs the risk of our egos actually burgeoning as we 'think we know'. It can be balanced by bhakti. Bhakti, if carried through thoroughly, requires this level of supplication. It pares back our ego.

In this one verse alone we admit to our frailties as human critters. The whole of potential disaster is here. The lures of Maya through the building of desires and the bondages which come in answering those desires. It is not just the people but the things we attach ourselves to which become 'sharks' in our lives.

This life has no reality beyond the thought we give it - this is the purpose of Maya. To fool us into thinking even our thoughts are real. This is a big concept. It can feel scary. Vichaara is required to delve into this mystery. Bhakti is required to help us balance the unreality with that which we hear is Real but which is yet beyond our reach. This is the nature of faith - 'shraddha'. Just as, in this apparent reality, we require to build bridges to cross ravines and rivers, and we do this in stages with proper engineering and in a set order, so it is that we can build the inner bridges across the spiritual divide. First steps are to develop devotion, to surrender to something Higher and to ask. It's all we have to do.

Ask. With all your heart, with all your mind, and all your being. Ask.

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