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That Which Is

Hari OM
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality.

The BMI chart. We reach the top.

OM; the Aatman, the Universal Self, which is splintered into jiivas via the vaasanas - all come from That. The Consciousness which is the spark of life within us all.

The Source. The place from whence identity arose and to which it returns.

No matter how many times it is restated and in what structure, it all remains esoteric to the striving soul. It cannot, however, be ignored. Many do ignore it. Whether through declaring atheism or agnosticism. By simply not making time to sit and seek communion with It.

For our purposes here in the BMI chart, it is necessary to accept that none of this can come from nothing. Nothing plus nothing equals nothing. We, though, are something. In Advaita, we come to understand that our something is nothing but the imagination - the dreaming - of that Universal Self… but even dreams are something, for they cannot exist without a substratum upon which to play.

Thus, the Consciousness which Was, Is, and Ever-Shall-Be reserves a part of itself to play and the manifestation is the universe and living beings. The 'game' is for each jiiva to find its way back home. It does this by contending with its ignorance, the veil of the vaasanas and the play of Maya and pitching these against that external to it which appears to be real. The 'game' is to develop skill in separating the Real with the false reality. OM is the symbol the Aatmaan has supplied to provide a focus for those who will see.

Read back over all entries relating to OM. Refresh your memories and ponder more deeply on Its presence and purpose.

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  1. Atheist ones also utter my God,when they fall into any hitches.Nice version.


Hari OM
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