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Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

These articles first appeared on Yamini-amma's personal blog. They were designed to promote deeper thinking on values, personal growth, Vedantic understanding - and to prompt conversation. Use them for contemplation either before or after your regular meditative practice. 

Ekaanvaya - of the same family won't have to be a genius to see where this one is headed… We Are One.

Right, having said it out loud, how many of us truly feel the unity of Mankind? Heck, I know a great many people who struggle to feel unity with their own family. Where's the hope in their understanding - or even wanting to - the commonality of our condition.

There has never, ever, been a time in our history where we have not seen division amongst us. It goes back to the ahangkaara thing. "I-ness" and "my-ness", claiming ownership, territory, power, wealth. Acquisitiveness, envy, lust, anger, greed, ambition… the list is long for the traits of the ego which keep us separate. Initially, these traits were about survival. We must never forget that our physical make-up is the same as all the animals which populate this planet and the only thing which separates us is the intellect. The opposable thumb is nothing without the thinking power to utilise its potential.

That thinking power is both our most dangerous trait and our saving grace. We became adroit at justifying poor behaviours and its consequences.  We have made arguments for mass destruction of the environment or whole societies. Equally, we have - and can - counteract those arguments, and we can rebuild and heal with clear thoughts and pure intentions.

We can all point to the broader society and point out what is going wrong, but what can we do about it? We can take responsibility for ensuring that on a personal level we are matching the expectation we have of that wider society.

A problem will lie before us if our view of wider society is that it ought to be segregated and 'me-centric'. If we think that society ought only to be as we are, then we are going to have a life of great disappointment. A vibrant and thriving community understands it is made up of individuals, that diversity is healthy, that cultural exchange removes fear. It respects difference with deference. Each individual within it knows that the person over there who looks so very opposite, who lives and eats in a way that challenges, who may worship strangely, is still a human being. Their bodies are made up exactly the same way, and they have brains and abilities to match the next person.

An intellect which argues for difference, for separation, no matter its I.Q. is dangerous in the extreme.

Currently, we live in times where leaders are emerging who wish to separate rather than congregate. "What's mine is mine, and what's yours I would like to be mine…" There were times when it was just a case of throw a spear and march a few horses or elephants. Now it is done so very subtly, under a layer of uncivil civility.

Those of us who are able must continue to live the life of understanding unity. That We Are One. That the human race has not destroyed itself thus far is down to the balance of those who can see the picture of Unity and those who seek to destroy it. Thus far, Unity as won. 

To think Unity, one must not only think in terms of not hating, one must think, feel, and live Love with the capital 'ell'. Only then can we live ekaanvayatva.

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