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The Play

Hari OM
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality.

The BMI chart. Flow.

There was That which was Consciousness. An Existence. Only Existence.

Within Existing Consciousness arose energy. Energy provided sound. OM. From OM came the tanmaatras and worlds grew. Places to populate. Jiivas arose. Consciousness played. The play required scripts. Vaasanas arose.

Jiivas attained form. Bodies arose. Bodies developed, evolved, and thus mind arose. Mind expanded and intellect arose.

The worlds which had arisen fascinated the jiivas embodied, captured their minds and intellects and each had their script. The bodies they wore became traps. The 'original sin' was to believe the body to be important, to believe that the body itself was the life. The jiiva perceived its body and the things around it. It had feelings for these things and thought much about those things. It's intellect, though, would bring it occasionally to the remembrance of something distant, something other. An awareness not of the things or even of the body.

The intellect was important. It needed to work hard. Oh! But the pull of the world of things…

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