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Left or Right?

Hari OM
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality.

Let us focus a little more deeply this month on SHREYAS and PREYAS. The path of Good and the path of Desire. That which we know is better and that which holds immediate charm. The way of correct action and the way of the easiest option.

As the world turns we find in our daily lives that there is often a battle within ourselves. What is the view of the Guru on this matter?

How can we distinguish the chatter of Mind from the urging of Conscience? It is difficult to tell because our desires are ever trying to get the better of us. WHAT WE WANT is not always good for us. WHAT IS BEST FOR US is not what we always want. RESULT…when a desire arises both voices can be heard. However, if we are honest, we can tell the difference between Mind and Inner Voice.

We are told that the inner voice or Conscience which most often alerts us is the 'voice of God'. Dragged by desire, the mind contradicts the Conscience’s right decision. The Conscience cautions, ‘Don’t do this…it is unsafe,’ but the mind, egged-on by the Ego, counters with, ‘No harm in tasting/enjoying. You are human after all…’ and so on.

When we shut up the Conscience and indulge in the wrong action we are later overcome with regret, guilt, even shame or anxiety. This is a sure sign we did NOT heed the inner voice and submitted to desires of the Mind.

If we refuse to take heed the knocks and blows of the outside world will effectively teach the difference between Lure of Mind and Voice of Conscience!!!

(taken from the teachings of Sw. Tejomayananda)

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