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Gurudev was renowned for his use of this one word to alert the student/listener/reader that attention should be paid, not just to his words but the points contained within them; that each should exercise their 'little grey cells' (to borrow a phrase!) to ascertain the essence of truth behind them. His students, in turn, used this word upon subsequent classes.  It was used upon this student who will, in turn, use it.

In recent times the physical requirement to keep the brain exercised has been touted, particularly as a guard against dementia and other aged states. No doubt one or other of you has already thought, 'yes, I know that'...

Beware 'knowing'.  The problem with 'knowing' is we can block ourselves from growing.

Often, during the course at Sandeepany, we would find ourselves being stretched further, not quite believing that we had any 'little greys' left to activate! More than once, this phrase circulated within this student; "just when I thought I had my best thought thunk, along came more thinking and that thought was sunk."  No matter how often a thing is repeated, no matter if you have heard the tale before; if you are truly listening, are fully open, you will always find something new, something deeper, something you missed. THINK!

Some quotes from Gurudev;

The faculty of discrimination, this power of judgement, this ability to discern what is right and what is wrong, what is to be done and what is not to be done, is the function of the intellect. The dignity and culture of mankind lie in the exercise of this faculty and when this wondrous equipment is left neglected, man is bound to deteriorate to the status of an animal and suffer the consequences thereof.

 In order to turn the mind towards higher contemplation and realization of the divine Self, a sense of detachment from the fascination for the world and its avenues of enjoyment is imperative.   Such detachment has to be cultivated at the mental level. It cannot be obtained by mere physical retirement from the world but by maintaining a proper relationship with it.

Introspect daily... detect diligently... negate ruthlessly... substitute wisely... grow steadily...and BE FREE!