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BMI - the ego in me.

Hari OM

'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

Parts one, two and three of the transcription from Gurudev's introduction to BMI was covered. Please review them as we now move on to part four.

[Gurudev makes a few more examples of impermanence and then asks…]

Even after loss is there a sportsman who has not continued playing a sport? No. He will continue, saying it is a beautiful sport and better luck next time! His opponent says "today you were not in your mood, but better luck next time".  This is called sportsmanship. So sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, play again till the end!


So the great Rsis pondered why is this Man is because of his ego. He refuses to make use of his intellectual capacity to analyse. He is very good at analysing the outer world, in science he progresses, but when he turns upon himself he feels unhappy…[some more comments on the matter of this lack in Man]... You are so preoccupied with the world of objects, seeking permanent happiness amongst the world of impermanent things, so fully engaged that your attention cannot be turned away.

When they have thus understood it they realise that so long as I am identified with the body, mind and intellect, I am in the realm of time, change. So if I want a changeless state of bliss and happiness, I must go beyond change. Beyond time. Going beyond BMI you realise that Timeless, The Permanent, The Immutable, The Bliss.

"Uhhuh, okay swamiji, this Sunday.  Today I have office, but this weekend I am going to meditate and go beyond the BMI and realise the Brahman and Monday onwards I will tell you all about Brahman." (Gurudev could tease well! He gives a lengthy comic scenario of 'how it is' for the would-be meditator...)

...Look, you are a slave to all the demands, that is the point.  So long as you are a slave, you will not be allowed to 'go out' (to OM), why? Because the BMI continue to persecute you. You are trying to become master of them. They are now today masters of you, they don't want to give up their chairs, Hari Om Hari Om… oh I think there is coffee ready in the kitchen…[picks up the scenario once more…]

The more you try to meditate, the more the mind will persecute. At this moment, even though I am allowed to say that these BMI are mine, honestly speaking, I belong to them!

The local constitution may give you freedom.  It is the freedom of a slave. None of us is free. All of us, utter, silent our own physical, mental and intellectual persecution.  … I am a diabetic and not allowed to eat sweets which I love.  People invite me for bhiksha ** and Indian bhiksha means a feast and in India a feast unless there are three or four types of sweets it is not a feast. ...I am at swami's special table, everything is there… I see enchanting sweets… now begins the internal dialogue!... "These people don't know, they have presented to you so eat!" … so I think I will wait and eat other courses first so thought of sweet can linger in the mind… after getting through all the other food, on looking to the place where the sweets were, it is found that all of them have disappeared. The host may not know but the constant devotees have taken it away to save the swami! But supposing they were there and the body demanded? I pick the sweet the internal battle rages… intellect says no, mind says 'pleaseeeeee', body says 'c'mon, c'mon!'

Think! If I satisfy the body demand, it lasts only as long as the digestion.  But I can't run from mind and intellect which are constantly with me… the moment my head hits the pillow the mind says 'why did you do it?' and the intellect goes through all the doctors information about the condition, … if someone else is criticising at least you can do something; but this is your own mind and intellect persecuting you. Suppose I did not eat; now it is found the mind congratulates me, intellect is happy, but now the body persecutes!... "don't you know you are born to die, why don't you die sweetly..?"!!!

Anyway, I get the whip… this is only one, my own example, there are many more.  The body wants, the mind wants, the intellect wants… ….[repetition of the points]

** Bhiksha is the alms meal offered to spiritual teachers and priests.

Next week the concluding part of the transcription and also the video itself will be added.

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