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Mental Check

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

"Let us remember that the mental attitude of meditation is not invoked by a mechanical re-adjustment gained in haste during an evening's 'half-an-hour'…"
(Sw. Chinmayananda)

We left off last week with a Gurudev quote and pick up again here with one. Is there a question now that you have been asked to limit yourself to half an hour maximum?!! Let there be no outrage, no sense of being held back. The point of the quote is not the amount of time allotted to meditation, but HOW that half hour is being utilised.  Gurudev remarks that it is not mechanical.  We DO have to begin with the physical (mechanical) part in order to have it running smoothly enough that we can forget about it and move into the more existential aspect. 

In short; the mere sitting and breathing will not of themselves bring about any inner transformation of the quality which might attain transcendence.

We have to tame the mind.

Even this, at first, has a mechanical component. We will be assessing the components of our mental makeup in other posts (ever the tease!), but for now it is important to accept that mind is our worst enemy and our greatest friend when approaching meditation.  As much as we think the body is our problem, as we learn how the mind betrays us we will find that the body is at its mercy. Gurudev, again, puts this very succinctly;

"The mind has to be raised step by step from the gross state to the subtle state, then to the causal state and still further to the great cause; and thus finally to samaadhi."

Where to begin the taming? At the body level.  The past two weeks you have been undertaking the focus of aasana and praana.  … Have you not? Remember, this is an interactive process!

Keeping it short and sweet this week then; SAADHANA is to continue the focus, but make it exactly that. Attempt to keep all thought in an observational state, reflecting only what is happening in your body and on ensuring the breathing exercise is correct. Every time the mind seeks to shift to what is outside the skin, whip it back! Your meditation for the time being should be only body and breath.

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  1. True,on a fine day we cannot attain meditation without attempt,effort and trial.Useful post,yamini.


Hari OM
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