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A Little Bit o' Love

Hari OM

Sounds-day is for listening/viewing a variety of devotional items from and for all ages and traditions.

A simple and love-filled bhajan calling upon Sri Krishna. Even though you know not the words, allow yourself to feel the devotion and longing in this tune.

The gist is this:
He Govinda He Gopala  He Daya lulal
(O Govinda, O Gopala, O Ocean of Mercy)

Prana Natha Anatha Sakhe
(O Lord of my life you are my only true friend)
Dina Darda Nivara
(The only protector of this unfortunate soul)

He Samaratha Agamya Purana
(O eternal Divine “King”, I am unfit to approach you as I am)
Moha Maya Dhara
(holding on to my illusions  and attachments)

Andha Kupa Maha Bhayana
( I  have fallen into this andha kupa- deep dark well of ignorance)
Nanaka Para Utara
(You are my only shelter and means of deliverance)

हे /He Oh (calling out)    
गोविन्द /Govinda name for Krishna which means the reservoir of all pleasure
गोपाल /Gopala name for Krishna which means the transcendental friend and protector of the cows   
दय /Daya - mercy 
लुलल् /lulal ocean
प्राण /Prana life   
नाथ /Natha - Lord   
अनाथ /Anatha - no other   
सखे /Sakhe - friend

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