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Hari OM

Story-day is for cultural exploration, puraanas and parables and finding out about leading lights in spiritual philosophy.

Today, a parable, as told by Swami Sivananda-ji.

A beautiful garuda* was flying high up in the skies. Two birds sitting on the ground watched the garuda soar and float majestically. The younger bird felt waves of despair rise in its heart.

"What is the use of flying at all," it said to the other bird, "If we fly, we should fly like the garuda. If we can't, it is better to burn away our wings. I am not going to fly at all hereafter."

The older bird replied, "Brother, this is not the right attitude.  We too have wings; and we can fly.  We should not yield to despair.  Let us do what we can. There is beauty in that."  Saying so, the older bird flew away.  The younger one had not got over its dejection when a hunter came along and easily caught it.

A saint is ever soaring into the Divine and floating in the transcendental regions of bliss.  All people cannot do this, but everyone has been endowed by God with some good qualities and some talents.  Wisdom lies in utilising them as much as can be done.  If you do not, you are likely to fall prey to dark living and sink lower in the ocean of samsaara.

*Garuda is a mythical winged creature, mostly eagle, but a bit human. He is the vaahana (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu.

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