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Essence of Mumukshatvam

Hari Om

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A commenter via the Google + page had indicated a state of 'head-scratching' in response to the workings-day post this week. Certainly, if one is coming in just at that point, it might have looked a bit of a headful. Aatmaavrajanam is being written as if for a live study group and as such can be read like a book. Anyone coming in at any time is best advised to start at the very first post and work their way through at their own pace.....and nobody ever truly gets it at first reading. It's not that any of us are lacking, but that the thinking is of the level of Quantum Theory!  This is why your questions and doubts are encouraged, either via the comments (so all can learn) or privately through the email address on the 'P-O-O-P' page.

As ever, one is amazed at synchronicity. Whilst doing some personal reading and mananam, it was again being pondered that the great Rsis had such a grasp of the workings of the universe. It will only be glanced in this first run through the basics of Vedanta which has just begun - but when we get to the next level of texts, it will begin to become clear to all readers that these masters 'got' the concept of 'quantum' before ever the term was manufactured.

What was the synchronicity? This week another science program came on our televisions (in UK) which looks at the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics/Physics. The 'father' of quantum theory was Max Planck. It is very clear that he perhaps came the closest to understanding the universe in the same manner as the Rsis. It is synchronous in that one was pondering the matter so recently, but that also this is another indication that 'the message' will find all sorts of ways of revealing itself.

Naturally, the general establishment within science and society rejected (and continue to reject) the possibility that nothing is real until we 'think' it so. However, this is the very understanding put forward in Upanishadic teaching. To come to that understanding, or even to have developed the concept, in terms of physics, took minds of incredible stature and clarity.  To reach that same understanding within the realm of philosophy also demands strong intellect and exceptional clarity.  These things can be nurtured, developed through application of the basics. A theoretical physicist becomes so by first learning the tried and proven formulae; a Rsi only becomes so by learning the fundamentals of existence and consistently applying the rules of study. In both cases, only at the very highest levels can truly creative thinking and formulation of theory arise.

In both cases, a burning curiosity and a desire to gain knowledge, using it first to improve and satisfy oneself and then to help others up, is a key factor. Resolve is firm.

Gaining advanced knowledge of anything is not an easy ride. Understanding that no matter how much we learn, there is always more yet to come is an important aspect of such advancement. An insatiable hunger for knowledge, the drive to seek it out, the ability to absorb its lessons and utilise the benefits gained...all these form part of the quest of the physicist and the philosopher, the scientific enquirer and the spiritual student.

Worry not at stumbles along the way. Keep the eye fixed on the goal. Others have reached. We can too.


  1. Oh I love the little doggie and the step picture ~ so true ~ Happy Day to you.

    artmusedog and carol

  2. Yes,true quest only will lead us to more knowledge and understanding.spirituality is Physics,Philosophy and Personal outlook.Nicely explained,Yamini.


Hari OM
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