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'A' Focus

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

More on OM as focus of meditation. Let us look more closely at "A".

This initial sound vowel of OM represents वैश्वानर/vaishvaanara, the waking state of consciousness. It is not that the other states are not present, but that they are unnoticed.  In the waking state we are, at the individual level, concerned almost entirely with what is taking place external to our being. Our various indriiya-s are on alert and we are prone to indulge them with sights, sounds, smells and so on.

We are consumed with the fire of our vaasana-s, embroiled in the flames of transaction and turned to ash as we burn our energies, believing ourselves to be engaged in the purpose of life.

Such is the delusion of vaishvaanara!

When we stop and seek to meditate upon the 'A' we begin to gain perspective on its place. The dawning of understanding that 'purpose of life' is not mere survivalism (which is what all the transactional state is about), but something much greater... the integration of our individual ego into the Universal Picture. We start to look UP.

Looking UP is also looking IN = Integration via Negation. The deeper our searches, the more our individuality softens, melts, merges with the Self of Brahman. We appreciate that there is more than just 'me', 'myself' and 'I'. As we chant the 'A' and feel its vibration within us we can draw our focus to the beginning of all things.  'A' is a sound common to ALL of nature. The very first utterances of any creature is a cry to The Mother, the one sound which all throats are capable of (albeit in different tone/accent).


All that makes a difference to this dominant sound is the aperture through which it is uttered. In humans, we can also affect it by placement of lips or tongue. Only then does it actually become 'a letter', an alphabet, a construct outside of itself.

It is the first and original sound of The Universe. As it developed and matured it became other sounds. The very first, the very beginning emerged from 'A'; sudden, forceful, bright. Shortlived, though. If it is to continue it must mutate. The meditator upon 'A' appreciates that there must be a shift into the subtler realms. This point of transition from 'A' to the following letter of the OM symbol is called उन्मनी/unmanii.

For this week, during your daily meditation, focus on the 'A' alone. Allow yourself to give voice to the 'uh/ah/uuh/aah...' variations; alter the volume of your chanting and feel the vibrations, the effects upon your body, upon your mood... become your own observer.

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