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Driven Enquiry

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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

KINDLE LIFE. We continue exploring points raised by HH Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda-ji in the publication of this name. Remember, you can purchase, (very economically!), the book from  Chinmaya Mission Publications or if you prefer, the Amazon Link. Thus you can read Gurudev's words directly and bring your own voice to the discussion.

The text ‘Kindle Life’, as has been stated before, is actually made up of a number of presentations given by Gurudev. It is as comprehensive a ‘starter’ text as is likely to be found anywhere for a philosophical exploration. It is designed to make the potential student THINK! It is for those who would question following such a philosophy – even for those who would decry any form of spiritual pursuit.

Here at Aatmaavrajanam, it has been split between ‘the day of choice’ and ‘the day of work’, those which have been named here as Choose-days and Workings-days. Chapter 30 of the book contains transcripts of discourses given to Indian Government Officials which hold a great deal of interest but are not particularly relevant to this introduction to Vedanta, though they may be referred to at a later date.  Chapters 31 and 32 are brief and will be taken up on Free-days. Chapter 25 is under discussion on Workings-day posts and will be followed in that position with a chapters 27 – 29. Here on Choose-day, the last chapter immediately relevant to making a choice to make further investigation is begun.  Chapter 26 is lengthy and will therefore, be given in portions.

Image result for depravityWe had it made clear to us in Chapter 25 that divinity is ours, we simply need to rediscover it. Of all the species, it is Man alone who can take up the concept of religion. For some, the very fact that in the animal kingdom at large and Nature as a whole there are no ‘rituals or prayer activities’,  is given as a ‘logic’ for not taking up any form of observance, particularly those who put forth arguments for atheism. It is also the case that not all of mankind is equal to the task of raising themselves. As Gurudev puts it, 

There are among men those who have come up only to the animal level in their inner evolution.  When, in any generation, the majority is of this type there will be a greater rejection of the higher values of life and the very quest of the Supreme would become unfashionable…” 

It is a fact that the more integrated the personality, the higher the individual’s mind and intellect can soar; in doing this, the wider becomes the perspective, the broader the view and the more inclusive the considerations. Is it not that when travelling new territory, climbing hills and mountains is the best way to see ‘the lay of the land’?

Of course, this does require a sense of adventure, of curiosity and, for most, serve a clear purpose.

Sometimes, if we have climbed onto a hill and looked back at our village or town, for example, we can become a bit disgusted, for despite displaying the breadth of our land, it also shows up the damage being wrought upon it; we become sharply aware of pollution, for example. Similarly, when integrating our mind and intellect to ever greater strengths, we start to see life with a cleaner perspective, noticing how it can become polluted with the ‘smog’ of physical activity to such an extent, it hinders and even blinds us to the greater purpose of life.

The more congruent our personality, the greater is our capacity to see beyond our physical constraints. The subtlety and depth of our thinking permits the analysis of the whys and wherefores of ‘life’ in all its forms. Connections are sought, questions asked.

For the one who has developed a universality of understanding, the dynamism which underpins ‘life’ becomes his research. He observes the ebb and flow of it, from cradle to grave; it is at that end point that confusions and the strongest demand for clarity arise. The question of ‘the beyond’ is what drives him to ever more intense and inward research. Gurudev puts this so eloquently;
If life is thus a meaningless madness, in which we are all to sing a song of sorrow and, slipping through stupidities must end our pilgrimage from the womb to the tomb, then nature has gone off her nuts and she is to be considered a dangerous lunatic!” 
 The deep thinkers of this same Nature, ask one of the most profound questions of all… ‘Is it a meaningless event, this thing called life?

…to be continued…

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