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One Gem, Many Facets

Hari OM

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

With our penultimate look at OM as focus of meditation, we arrive at samaadhi.

Image result for samadhi…oh, to reach  समाधि/samaadhi!!! The state of being beyond all of what precedes it. Beyond vasihvanara, taijas and prajna; without the deception of unmaanii or alaadanii. Samaadhi is the deepest absorption, the ultimate transitional meditative state. Samaadhi is the state from which one can attain the final level of Consciousness within OM; turiiya.

There are different ‘textures’ of samaadhi, dependent on the nature of the meditation (to be discussed fully at a later time). The key thing to note for now is that even within samaadhi, there is a hierarchy of being-ness. Working one’s way through from the gross to the subtlest of subtle, observational meditation is what is required in order to make the total transition into turiiya. Samaadhi is not, of itself, enlightenment (moksha).

All the texts talk of the samaadhi, also of the need to persist in it to attain moksha. Continual abhyaasa is required to bring oneself out of the gross and ever-more into the subtle. To avoid the traps of activity in the gross, the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of the transitions and the mesmerism of the causal takes much persistence of abhyaasa and requires application of vairaagya. Samaadhi is not moksha, it is merely the condition in which liberation may be discovered. To demonstrate the vastness, the variety, that is samaadhi, here is a list of its meanings… we shall return to this list and ponder each of the aspects; for now, run your eyes down and seek to understand the scope contained here.  Not only the word but the condition. Consider this a SAADHANA.

The following is taken from Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit.

समाधिsamAdhim.putting together
समाधिsamAdhim.concentration of the thoughts
समाधिsamAdhim.profound or abstract meditation
समाधिsamAdhim.joining with
समाधिsamAdhim.intense contemplation of anyparticular object
समाधिsamAdhim.setting to rights
समाधिsamAdhim.justification of a statement
समाधिsamAdhim.intense application or fixing themind on
समाधिsamAdhim.concentration of mind
समाधिsamAdhim.bringing into harmony
समाधिsamAdhim.joint or a particular position of theneck
समाधिsamAdhim.intense absorption or a kind oftrance
समाधिsamAdhim.sanctuary or tomb of a saint
समाधिsamAdhim.joining or combining with
समाधिsamAdhim. f.deep concentration, meditation

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