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West East, None is Least

Hari OM

Sounds-day is for listening/viewing a variety of devotional items from and for all ages and traditions.

Today, a full length video from Australia. Gurudev first visited Australia in the 1980s and on this visit, the first CM centre was being opened in Melbourne. An opportunity arose to take a discussion at the Deakin University on generalities of Vedanta and relevance to those who are other than Indian - or indeed whether still relevant in 'modern' India. In this 45min film, questions are asked and Gurudev, in his usual erudite and engaging manner, pulls no punches and makes clear the basics. What is very striking is how, even after more than three decades, the same issues and arguments are present. The condition of 'mankind' is the same now as it has always been since society began and will remain so until the end of society. No amount of scientific or technological advancement can change our basic nature, wishes, needs etc. 

For some who are not accustomed, Gurudev's accent may prove a challenge, but he is really quite clear and you should by all means rerun the parts you feel you missed. You will not regret investing time in watching and listening to this. It is an absolute favourite item here at Aatmaavrajanam, and is watched at least twice yearly - for each time something more is firmed up in understanding and clarity. Please both enjoy and learn.

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  1. True that even after centuries, basic traits of human nature have not changed.


Hari OM
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