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Image result for vijayadashami 2015Yesterday was actually Vijayadashamai, the 10th day of celebration of Navratri. The preceding nine nights had been about celebrating the Goddess in her various forms from birth to crone-hood. This 10th day, however, is technically separate but is a celebration of the Goddess in her full from of Durga as she slays the demon Mahishasur.

However, the day is shared with another victory of good over evil in the form of Sri Rama and his defeat of the rogue king Raavana. The day is then referred to as Dussehra.

Image result for vijayadashami 2015

Of course, the 'evil' represents all the negative tendencies we have within us and the message is that by adhering to the principles demonstrated by Durga or Rama, we can overcome our inner 'demons'.

This is the wish is carried in greetings of this day and wishes for a strongly spiritual year to follow.

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