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Clarify, Purify

Hari Om

Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation.

We have been exploring the writings of Gurudev, through his book 'Meditation & Life'. All the instructive chapters have been rendered and now there follows twelve 'chapters' which are designed for contemplation both before and after each meditation session. Please note that the actual writings of Gurudev are quite lengthy, so only the gist and key points are going to be given here. You are again encouraged to seek out a copy of the book to keep to hand as it is an inspiration and with each reading something more will drop into place.

Ch. 35; Evolutionary Unfoldment.
Of itself, the mind is inert, having no life of its own - we ourselves give it the strength it has. It is little more than a vehicle of processing and, just as a driver can take their foot from the accelerator to have the vehicle come to a stop, so the meditator must remove all power from the mind so that it ceases to run.

All the seekers who have mastered this 'driving skill' make similar declarations…'mind is an inert thing. It cannot exist by itself. Therefore, we can say that is a dead thing - and this world dies and decays because of this dead thing called mind - what a strange wheel of stupidity!' In short, when the mind dies, so does the illusion of 'world'. To come to such 'realisation' is find oneself set free from the tyranny of mind. To do this, one must cultivate trust and faith in the words of the masters and earlier 'travellers'. Such faith ought not to be the result of 'seduction' of the scriptures or by falling in a swoon of charisma from a given teacher - this would be 'blind faith'. It must be a faith built upon your own researches into the Knowledge, giving them full reflection and by practicing the techniques given to the fullest degree.

Let us be clear here. We must not 'possess' faith, but let faith possess us. If we hold that we possess faith we are giving ourselves the chance to be dispossessed. Faith is not an object to be treated thus! By proper investigation of a philosophy, however, we learn surrender and the faith then possesses us; we don't have to think about or justify it. Such a faith cannot be lost and such a faith lifts us, especially within meditation. 

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No matter how much we 'will' ourselves to something, it will ever elude us. Will is of the ego and ego can be punctured leaving the will nothing to cling to. The attempt of an intelligent meditator is to revolutionise thinking (and therefore their world) by removing the ego/will content, bringing an evolutionary unfoldment whereby there is a Divine system of peace and perfection. Once attaining this new internal condition, all interaction with external is transformed and evolves also. Life becomes fully useful; attachments and raaga-dvesha are no longer traps. We can operate and gain enjoyment of the world, we can serve it and gain from it, but without the angst, the sway of emotion, the traps of desires. We can live in joyful freedom of spirit.

Dropping the ego is to live life intelligently. To keep the mind High, with a sense of holiness within, we must constantly practice 'service of the good' (meaning the saints and sages), by devoted study and deep reflection upon what is given in their teachings. We must fuel a car with the best quality petrol in order for the engine to run smoothly. Similarly, to keep our mind pure and functioning at highest vibration, we must top up each day with the quality fuel of shaastra.

Our sense of doership and enjoyership is what feeds the ego. Seek to starve it, surrendering all 'this is me, that is mine'. On entering the meditative seat, leave the ego at the door. Without this preparation, seekers tend to burn and crash. The mind will take them all sorts of fanciful places; all pleasant and refreshing perhaps, but nothing to do whatsoever with correct purification and spiritual rise. Adjust your relationship with the external world using such techniques as the saadhana chatushtaya. Only then can you properly seek to alter your relationship with mind and ego. Your goal is to make your identity with the ego disappear into the vision of the Self.

Be. Just BE.

With each practice, a gleam of Self will shine through, as the sun may peep through the clouds. Let each such vision come and go, they will reappear more and more as you practice. Each glimpse revives, rejuvenates and resurrects the faith in purpose. Gradually the meditator starts to glow with the inner light and develops a poise and serenity beyond all felt before.

Use no force. Let spirituality open up within as a bud opens to a become a full bloom. Make no haste, progress slowly.

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