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'Text-days' are for delving into the words and theory of Advaita Vedanta.

We are now studying Aatmabodha. As always, with each week, you are encouraged to review the previous teachings and spend some time in contemplation of the meanings as the affect your life. Please do consider purchasing the text. Remember, also, to recite the mangala charana before each study and review the lessons before each new one.

The three shlokas last week added mere droplets of description to that which is indescribable. S61 spoke of the Self-Illuminator. Now a shloka which expands on this.

SvymNtdRihVyaRPy _aasyÚiol< jgt!,
äü àkazte viûàtPtaysip{fvt!.62.
Svayam-antar-bahirvyaapya bhaasayanna-khilam jagat,
Brahma prakaashate vihna-prataptaayasa-pindavat ||62||
Pervading the entire universe wihtin and without, the Supreme Brahman shines by Itself, like the fire that permeates a red-hot iron ball, and glows by Itself.

Brahman is transcendental Truth; it shines of its own accord and penetrates all of creation. It is not something separate from that creation. It is the material and the efficient cause, as clay and the potter are to the pot. Matter without spirit (Consciousness) is inert. The Supreme is the vital content in every particle of this world and, just as butter can be brought out of the milk through churning, so it is that we can Realise the Supreme through meditation.

An iron ball which has been in contact with fire for a long time comes to glow red as the fire itself. Similarly, though matter be inert, when it plays in the vitality of Brahman, there is the manifestation of life.

The Infinite is unborn therefore is also deathless; It is omnipotent and all-pervading. The created world is subject to change, to birth, to death… it thus has limitation. It is finite and thus is opposite to the Infinite. How to perceive the Infinite within the finite? Just as the iron ball, which by nature is black, heavy, lifeless in appearance, can appear to dance like the flames around it, so the very nature of life demonstrates the presence of that which gives the life.

Meditate upon this example.

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