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Hari Om
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Further on the matter of eating for a spiritual seeker…

Blessed Good Friday, to those of you who profess Christianity. Simple, regular nourishment was also the premise of Yeshu and His followers; and He taught that mere morsels can be wholesome, if eaten with Love and Devotion (example of the loaves and fishes and also at the last supper). Food is the fuel of the mechanism we call body. For as long as we are strung to it, we must maintain it. Spoiling it with excess and improper fuel holds us down, spiritually, for then we become focused only on that body and its demands.

One day of fasting per fortnight is the practice in Hinduism; Chaturthi and Ekadashi you will see and hear mentioned. These are the fourth and eleventh days after full moon and dark moon. Devotees will opt for one or the other - though some will take both, as pointed out by Gurudev! Too much fasting is not encouraged, but the twice-monthly food break definitely is. Whilst this is practiced in the name of one's devataa, there is sound nutritional and health evidence to support the benefit of such a pattern. (Indeed, in recent times, the "five-two diet" has become popular, and it does have some merit.)

Eat simply. Eat lightly. Eat little and often. Eat with awareness… if possible, eat in silence.

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