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Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality and become more congruent within our personality.

Continuing our look at the saadhana prompt-words, today we move on to the "BODY".

What did you make of that as a prompt? Did you ponder upon it in true Vedantic style? The Sanskrit for the gross body is sthuula shariira. It is the least subtle part of our existence. Without the presence of consciousness, it is nothing more than a mass of atoms and the space between them. Stones and plants vibrate with the energy of existence, but it is only with consciousness - awareness - that we start to see the higher orders of animals moving about and interacting with each other. Varying degrees of communication and behaviour are present where consciousness is found. It is only where intellect abounds, however, that we see planning, behaviour modification and social structures developing.

The body, itself, is nothing but matter. The consciousness within that matter may be functioning only at the survival level; or, as is most predominantly found in humans, it is operating its matter-envelope at a very high level. What we decide to do with our bodies is as individual as the spirit which inhabits them. It is feedback from the body which has to be factored into our choices at any given moment. How we respond to that feedback depends very much on our experience, in this life and in the life of the spirit thread - the jiiva - from its long existence. Part of the body, then, are the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Behind those, more subtle, but still material functions, are the receptors in the brain which interpret the signals for the mind and intellect.

An error which often occurs is the mind being tricked into thinking that the body has to have everything it demands. This is the juncture where craving and addiction can grab hold. It takes a very strong mind/intellect balance to control the body and prevent it from self-destructing.

We have to battle our body every single day in some way. It is not surprising that we end up believing we are the body. As Vedantins, however, we must readjust this thinking. We are NOT the body. It is merely the matter-envelope which carries us. We have the choice to take control of our body - or to permit it to dictate to us. 

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