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Hari Om
Monday is AUM-day; in search of meditation

When we talk about 'heart' in Vedanta, we are actually referring to mind. The physical heart is nothing but a biological machine, pumping fluids around the body. We point to the area of our chest wherein it resides when we are feeling emotional because the mind has triggered chemicals to make the heart pump harder. We 'feel' it in our chest, but the source is the mind. That is what is actually responding with emotion to situations which challenge our sense of security.

Emotion is not 'heart'. It is raw, reactive thought. Emotion is part of the flight-or-fight response; it is a protective mechanism. Emotion, without the governance of the intellect, is also unproductive when we need to move on with life. Emotion is addictive. It brings attention and in our emotional state, we crave attention. We have to beware wallowing in our emotions. For a brief time, they are healing and serve a recuperative purpose. Beyond that, they are an indulgence.

When we apply our intellect to our emotional mind, we find our true heart. It takes practice to develop heart, to understand that it is a balance between mind and intellect. Heart feels, but can also function above that feeling. 'Heart' aches, but does not break. When we talk of broken-heartedness, we are talking about emotion without intellect. We have all experienced it, one way or another. The more emotionally invested we are in something or someone, without the balance of intellect assessing that relationship, the more likely we are to succumb to collapse and disappointment. Emotion is invested in love of the worldly, small kind. 'Heart' is invested in Love of the capital 'ell' variety.

Meditate on 'heart'. Seek balance.

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