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Heart Upward

Hari OM
Application - that is what 'Workings-days' are about!

The Mukundamala of King Kulashekhara is the focus, currently, as we seek to raise our devotion.

Continuing the conversation with the Lord.

naSwa xmeR n vsuincye nEv kamaep_aaege
y*ÑaVyy< _avtu _agvn! pUvRkmaRnuêpm!,
@tTàaWyR< mm bhumt< jNmjNmaNtre=ip
TvTpadaM_aaeéhyuggta iníla _ai´rStu.6.
Naashtaa dharme na vasu-nichaye naiva kaamopabhoge
Yadyad-bhaavyam bhavatu bhagavan puurva-karmaanuruupam,
Etat-praarthyam mama bahumamtam janma-namaantare'pi
Tvat-paadaambhoruha-yuga-gataa nishchalaa bhaktir-astu ||6||
I do not wish for merit, to accumulate wealth, not even to indulge in various pleasures.
O Lord, whatever has to happen, let it happen, according to my previous actions.
This is my intense prayer,
"May there be unwavering devotion to Your Lotus Feet in many lives!".

Mahatmas do not fight with life. They do not waste energy on things that cannot be changed. Rather, the wise spend their time on what CAN be changed, building inner strength to face the inevitable in life.

Last week we saw the start of prayer - conversation with the Higher. For the majority of us, the Higher requires a form, so we have that form which best suits us. In the case of the sage king presenting this text to us, the form is that of Krishna-ji, who is described as having lotus-like feet; those feet which, despite walking upon the filth of the earth, remain pure. The king is clear about his intentions towards the Lord. He hankers for nothing but a good personal relationship with Shri Krishna. Let there be merit or demerit, wealth or not… whatever life throws in the path of the devotee it matters not, for these are inconsequential compared to the main focus of life, which is to bask in the glory of the Lord.

It has been said that 'if the destination is beautiful, don't worry about the path… if the path is beautiful, don't worry about the destination.' The meaning is this; when we have a focused destination, one which we are determined to reach, no matter the obstacles or distractions which may present along the way, we shall ignore them and keep moving towards that end. We may occasionally have to stop and do a side-step, some of the events of life may even be worth spending some time with, but the devotee must never - and will not - lose sight of that destination. Conversely, it may be that we are graced with a truly beautiful life, one in which everything is smooth, we have all that is required and more and we are free of the trials and tribulations that others suffer. All this is a result of earlier lives being lived well and we are on our way to our destination regardless. We can still remain focused by giving thanks for such grace, but less is demanded of us and we can accept this amazing life as part of the destination itself. We have not to worry that we will reach it.

Acceptance of one's condition, then, is a major part of devotion, but greatest of all is the constant direction of our thoughts to the Higher. Vedanta is a beautiful path which keeps in the company of the Lord. Following it, there can be no sorrow.

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