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BMI... Nutshell

Hari Om
Each 'Choose-day' we will investigate the process by which we can reassess our activity and interaction with the world of plurality.

The BMI chart. It was established by the Rsis that the development of the individualised spirit as a personality comes about from a triumvirate of things; the experience, the experiencer, and the relationship between them, the experiencing.

Thus we have the instruments of experiencing, which are the body, the mind and the intellect; we have the things to experience, which are the objects, the emotions and the thoughts, and we are those who experience through perception, feeling and thinking. The subject in thinking mode identifies with the intellect and experiences through the medium of thought. Likewise, that subject who identifies with the mind, will experience emotions and thus express through feelings. Then the subject who identifies with the body finds experiential interaction by how it percieves the objects and beings of the world. We all of us have all three connections from the external to the internal.

What is unseen is that which connects us all - the Consciousness, as represented by the OM. What clouds our seeing this common bond, this shared root, is the veil of ignorance created by our Vasana layer.

We shall break this down further, but for the next week spend five to ten minutes each day continuing to look at the chart and memorising the parts and the flow between them. Take note during each day which part of yourself is manifesting in each moment. This is a tool of self-observation. Look back over your day and note in your books places where it was clear that you were identifying mostly with your body, or with the mind, or with the intellect. Note, also, if you think that there might have been a choice to be had about which part you used.

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